July 28, 2011

Soccer Kid

Run Kid! Shoot!
Little preview of Run Amok part 2... busy animation time!

Run Amok through to Round 2

Thanks to everyone who voted for Run Amok! We are happily through to round 2. Stay tuned for the next episode coming next week!

Watch the announcement video below:

July 19, 2011

Run Amok

Recently completed a 30second animation collaboration with ZZZ collective for the Graphic 2011 animation competition. The theme for this year is ESCAPE.

It's now open for public voting from 18-20 July. Then the top 20 goes to a judging panel to cut it to the final 10 to progress to the next round. Now we need some votes if you want to see the next episode!

Just follow these easy steps and we will be eternally grateful.
ZZZ collective consists of Okayboss, Marko and I.

July 9, 2011

Run Frank run

Run Frank run! But what is he running from?

Animation on a little collaboration with illustrator Okayboss. More to follow.... stay tuned!