November 24, 2010

Windy reading

I had this dreamy vision in my head and I was itching to quickly sketch it to get it out of my mind...

Reading on a windy day... 

It was a windy day yesterday and I saw a little girl reading her book, totally immersed in it with no care about what was happening around her. I don't know why but this stuck in my little brain and I had to draw that emotion I felt whilst seeing that scene.... and share it :)

Reading on a windy day... a bit clearer

November 7, 2010

Finance illustrations sneak peek

Finance and management illustrations- sneak peek

This is a sneak peek of a series of illustrations I worked on for a finance newsletter. 

It shows some insights on the process of starting out with the rough sketches and then moving on to the create a unique visual treatment. I have to say that I'm far happier with the printouts as the colors and textures turned out richer than on screen.

October 23, 2010

More sketches on Sketchoholic

Big Eyes

Sketches on Sketchoholic

Big Belly
I'll post some of the quick sketches i've been and will creating on sketchoholic for the rapid sketch-o-daily contests which as a different topic all the time. It is the perfect opportunity for me to quickly practice my drawing and also to see what other people come up with in less than a day... 

October 12, 2010


It felt good to hold the issue 60 of ImagineFX where a digital painting of mine was featured.
I created a caricature of footballer Thierry Henry in photoshop for ImagineFX's Fantasy Football Competition.

The step by step process in creating the final submission...

September 26, 2010

Rabbit Revenge

Play it here:

As I mentioned in my previous post, Rabbit Revenge is the latest Flash game by Dan and I.  This was created specifically for the Android mobile phones which are capable of running flash on them.

The screenshots here show the game in action, where the idea is to control  the track rather than the main character.  All the characters and props were animated in flash but with the mobile platform in mind, they were kept as simple and as less memory intensive.

Merci to our friend Christophe for lending us his android and for his inspiration: hon hon hon! :)

Give it a go here on your browser or on your flash mobile devcie.

September 20, 2010

Rabbit Revenge Concept

Rabbit Revenge is the latest flash game hand crafted by Dan and I. The aim here was to target the mobile platform and bearing that mind, optimization was priority.

Below is the concept art during concept phase where we came up with the simple idea of dragging elements to the stage to alter the journey of our protagonist:

It was a lot of fun to come up with the imaginary world around a magician...

As usual, I start off with lots thumbnail sketches trying different options and refining and the character gets stronger visually and conceptually...

The same process with the other characters to be created.
Rabbit Revenge is nearly complete, so stay tuned for updates!

September 15, 2010

Street performer

I didn't realize that one of the quick sketch above that I created on sketchoholic actually inspired the idea behind the flash game that Dan and I are currently working on! Well you can see the photoshop digital painting, but you'll have to wait just a tad longer to see the game...


I've been digging through some of my old works and found those character studies I did to explore the different type of sumos I could design for a flash banner.

They came in all shapes and sizes...
The one on the middle left was the one that just 'felt' right...
Final structure of the character puppet in Adobe Flash

September 13, 2010


Play it here:

Burney was quickly created for the 'MochiAds 60 Seconds to Fame contest' which limited the game time to 60 seconds only.

The idea was to keep the controls simple, using just the space bar to jump with Dan Adijans's coding skills. The concept started from the idea of burning every objects around, which sparked the creation of the hot character of Burney.

A lot of little sketches were done to find the hottest character
A rough layout always help to see the big picture
Colour concept in Photoshop before going into Flash
Level design in Flash

Haku - Spirit Storm

Two months in the making, the game centers around Haku, a dragon, and his quest to find his true spirit. There was a heavy focus on player interaction and immersion, as we strived to achieve an engaging feeling of flight using motion, sound and graphics.

Haku - Spirit Storm has won a prize in the latest MochiAds contest for best integration of the Freespin3D plugin which was used to handle the 3D models for the dragon's body segments. The models were handcrafted, textured and then imported into the engine, which are then passed on to Dan to work on his magic codes to develop the game engine.

The black and white art direction plays on the whole good versus evil theme whilst desperately trying to keep processor usage down.

Doodles that eventually turned into game art down the line

Thumbnail sketches for the screen layout

Initial concept
Concept of the dragon and of it's body parts in 3d
Some colour experiments for the different environments


The key objective of this project was to convert a simple 2D game into a Papervision3D app. The majority of the game mechanics are processed in 2D and then rendered with 3D models which were imported and then handled by Dan Adijans's game engine supported by the Papervision3D technology.

We managed to get out a fairly solid PPV3D game, but the major downfall it the awkwardness of the controls. But overall it was a good first introduction to creatively bring into Flash the 3D objects that were modeled by myself. 

Quick concept in Photoshop with the help of my wacom tablet

Basic 3d shapes, modeled and textured to be imported in Flash with Papervision 3d

Captain Skyro: The Cloud Climber

Captain Skyro: The Cloud Climber was the first side project by Dan and myself. 
I handled the graphics and animation while Dan built the physics and game logic .

The project was built with the MochiAds Rockstar competition in mind, and start to finish it took a little over a month. We played around different unique game engines and we really like the drag and elastic release game play. 

A month later and results were in and we had won 1st place in the judges votes.

The sketches above show my process of sketching little drawings to quickly try different options of what could work in game.

This is one of the early quick digital painting
concept to a a sense of the general feel of the game

A quick overview in Flash of some animation states and the simple setup of the main characters

Once I'm happy with the general art direction of the main game screen, then it's a matter of designing for the other screens with different environments.

September 12, 2010

Hello world

Finally! I managed to setup my blog.... It's been a while that I wanted to have a space where I could just share some of the art I have been and currently working on. I hope that you will enjoy the process from rough sketches on a napkin to the final pixel perfect creations such as animations, illustrations, games and websites...