July 7, 2013

By Airmail - Making Of the bicycle slide

Watch this scene here : http://youtu.be/lJvajECUSWk?t=1m8s
A little homage to the movie Akira in which Kaneda's motorcycle slides to a stop. :)

GIF of the bicycle slide scene
3D bicycle with biped reference and then composited into the scene together with the 2D postman

By Airmail - Making Of

Here are some development artwork for the animals in the animation short: By Airmail

July 2, 2013

By AirMail

This is the latest short animation I worked on with ZZZ Collective entitled By Airmail.

By Airmail was fully animated in Flash and some additional elements in 3ds Max. Then it was all compiled in After Effects for some special visual treatment.

I'll post some behind the scenes next...