May 19, 2011

Making of El Dodo Freedom - Part 2

Recently completed a short animation for the Annecy Festival 2011 competition:

Here is part 2 of the making of. Part 1 can be found here.

The sketches that worked, were used as a solid base for the general art direction. Still, lots of different styles were quickly experimented with before a rough colour speed painting gave some sense of where the animation could go.

Colour and style treatment experiments

The blueprint sketches were then used as reference to model the characters in 3d space. Low polygon modelling techniques were used due to my limited technical modelling skills. This proved to be much faster to model and rig.

Low poly modelling of the cowboy and dodo models

Wire frames of the models
A rougher stop motion style animation was then also better suited. The time restriction of the competition deadline also contributed to the simpler and more experimental direction of the final animation. More experimentation was then made with the animations in After Effects to get the desired look and feel.

Below are some final screen shots from the short animation.

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