September 19, 2011

Captain Skyro Video Trailer

Ahoy! Happy International Talk Like a Pirate day!
To join in the celebration, I would like to share a little treasure by giving ye all a sneak peek first ever video preview of Team Pok Pok(Dan Adijans and I)'s mobile game, Captain Skyro. Arrrrr! Enjoy!

It was real fun to work on the video preview. It's is still work in progress of the game but we thought that the Talk Like a Pirate day was a good excuse enough to share with the gaming community what we have been up to during our spare time.

First, Dan and I brainstormed a few rough storyboards in terms of the sequence and flow of the screens. We have a solid library of assets now already created for the game. So it was an easier process to grab the graphical and audio elements that we wanted to show and put it in a small video trailer.

The fact that we are at a very advance stage of prototyping, we were eager to record some of the game footage. Then it was a matter of editing and animating, which I have done a lot lately and been enjoying more and more...

In the end, it's not really a proper game trailer, but just a fun little teaser to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate day! Yarrrrr!

You can learn more about Team Pok Pok (made up of Dan and I) here.

We are also honoured to be featured on Kotaku here.

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