March 20, 2014

Create STUDIO Ident

STUDIO - Breakdance - TV Brand Spot from Brian Neong San on Vimeo.

The Foxtel channel STUDIO invited creatives all over the Australia to submit their ideas for a TV commercial to bring the STUDIO brand to life.

This was the opportunity to pitch a unique concept. My concept combines two unrelated art forms to visually form the STUDIO logo and is one of the three finalists selected to be broadcasted on TV. The development process from the moment of the initial pitch up to the final delivery was a wonderful journey as I was creatively involved in every steps of the way.

Even though my entry was not the winning one, it was an enriching experience to be able to actively contribute to tasks such as drawing up the storyboard, directing the shoot, animating during the post production phase and collaborate with a TV channel crew. I will share some blog posts about the process in the not too distant future.

More about the competition organised by STUDIO and The Loop can be found here. Also there is a behind the scene video below with an interview video of the three finalists including myself. Laughs guaranteed :)

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