September 13, 2010

Haku - Spirit Storm

Two months in the making, the game centers around Haku, a dragon, and his quest to find his true spirit. There was a heavy focus on player interaction and immersion, as we strived to achieve an engaging feeling of flight using motion, sound and graphics.

Haku - Spirit Storm has won a prize in the latest MochiAds contest for best integration of the Freespin3D plugin which was used to handle the 3D models for the dragon's body segments. The models were handcrafted, textured and then imported into the engine, which are then passed on to Dan to work on his magic codes to develop the game engine.

The black and white art direction plays on the whole good versus evil theme whilst desperately trying to keep processor usage down.

Doodles that eventually turned into game art down the line

Thumbnail sketches for the screen layout

Initial concept
Concept of the dragon and of it's body parts in 3d
Some colour experiments for the different environments

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